Your Hometown Roofing Services Provider

Free inspection and consultation:

This involves one of our roof consultants coming to the property to do a thorough inspection for storm related damage. Most storms, whether wind or hail, cause more damage to the property than just to the roof. We document the damage as thorough as possible so that if you do decide to move forward with an insurance claim, you are well prepared. We also take this time to find any areas that may need to be temporarily repaired.

3-D modeling of house with colors and samples:

– Are you looking to do a remodel on your home, but not sure what to choose or what it will look like? We have found little samples to be hard to use, so technology. We can 3-D model your roof, siding, and colors of paint so you can get exactly what you want.

– You will have the ability to choose any brand, color, style of siding. Curious to see what your house would look like with wood shake siding? Done. How about a red roof? Done.

– You will get a detailed report along with our estimate once completed.

– There is a fee associated with this as it is costly and time consuming technology, however, we will waive this fee if you decide to move forward with our bid. Fees can range from $100 for small properties and up to $250 for bigger residential properties.
Must be paid at time of consultation.

Roof Replacements

– Asphalt shingle roofing. 3-tab shingles, architectural shingles, and designer shingles.

– Metal Roofing – Standing seam or R-panel. We can do anywhere from 24, 26, or 29g. For residential properties, the best to use is 26g. This provides quality over the 29g and is considerably less expensive than the 24g.

– Flat roofing – On flat roofs, we are currently doing self-adhering modified bitumen roofing. We are currently working on putting a commercial flat roof team together that will specialize primarily on TPO roofing projects.

– Think we don’t do it? Ask us anyways. If we can’t, one of our consultants will let you
know. No harm no foul. 


We can do all different types of siding. Most of our siding jobs, since most of our work is roofing involving insurance claims, are repairs only and just need to be matched. If you’ve been paid for your roof and a repair to the siding, we can show you what a change would look like on your property using the 3-D modeling described above.
– Wood Shake
– Vinyl siding
– Hardy board


– Seamless gutters become a beautiful addition to any home. They also serve a purpose.
– Offered in a wide range of colors.
– See your consultant for more details.