For a lot of people, replacing their roof, siding, and gutters is something they will only do once or twice in their lives. So naturally, a lot of questions come up. A lot of uncertainty, especially when choosing the right company. Therefore, the following is a list we have put together to help our customers understand the process better. Feel free to ask any question you have. You can email them to contact@armoredexteriorsllc.com.

We routinely update this list as things either change or become new to us.

The owner of the company’s home. And in our vehicles. And at our customer’s properties. If COVID 19 and quarantine has taught us anything, it is that for a business to survive any kind of economic downturn, they must need to be able to survive an 80%

reduction in revenue. A lot of companies had to switch to remote work that caused headaches in itself that they were not prepared for. We have developed a system using the latest technology to be able to communicate with our entire team at once if we are in

different cities. With that being said, we do not plan to open a physical business location simply to keep overhead low. Our focus is on investing that money in training our

employees and providing warranties and guarantees to our customers.

We offer our in-house three year guarantee on our workmanship and all of our roofs installed include Certainteed’s SureStart warranty with the Integrity Roof System. We include the 3-star as a standard, and can do the 4-star for an additional cost.

That depends on the size and complexity. For a standard residential roof, we plan on no more than three days and usually we are finished in a day and half. We do not want to be in your way any longer than we have to be. We also want to make sure the materials are being installed correctly. You will receive an approximate start and finish time when your project is put into production.

Some projects will have more than just the roof. In these cases, we will have the different trades planned out with a timeline of when our guys are scheduled to begin their portion and approximately how long it will take.

Yes.However, we need to review your paperwork with you after we have done an

assessment of your property. It doesn’t take long for us to do an inspection and review your paperwork for comparison. It’s not because we want to see how much they paid you, it’s because we need to see they paid you for the correct line items. For example:

Let’s say your roof has a laminated architectural shingle and your insurance company accidentally put 20 yr 3-tab shingles on their estimate. On your average residential

property, this is a $1500 difference. Now, you’re thinking you need to find someone to do the work for what they gave you. So you call up three contractors to give estimates. We

come out, give you an estimate for what you have, and it is way higher so we get thrown in the trash. You end up with someone doing it for the insurance amount. Years down the road, leaks happen, and that company is no longer in business because they operated at an unsustainable rate.

For insurance claims, we don’t give an estimate unless we can sit with you and your paperwork. If there is something that your insurance company missed, we can file for a supplement. After all, they do not have to live with the final product and they don’t have to warranty the product’s installation and quality. They only pay for it, and would love to pay as little as possible.

Deductibles are a tricky thing with insurance because so many people have heard of a friend whose contractor “waived” their deductible. Sometimes, these contractors are doing it illegally. Sometimes they are using money from miscellaneous items and

applying that money to the deductible. So without reviewing the property and the paperwork, a definitive answer is impossible.

Legally, the deductible is the most a property owner is liable for. This is part of the contractual obligation between the property owner and the insurance carrier. It is the same as going to a doctors office and using your insurance. You pay the copay,

previously the deductible, and that is all. You actually sign paperwork with the doctor’s office that allows the insurance company to pay them directly. What would you do if your doctor agreed to “waive” your deductible or copay? Where did he cut those costs? Would you feel safe after you left there?

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We give referrals! 

See, we want you to know one year, three years, and 20 years after installation that not only did you get a good deal, but you also have a quality product, guarantee and warranty through a solid company that is still growing. You’re protected and can sleep well. Focus on your family and living your life.

A consultation is more than just the roof. We will assess your property for all weather

related damage and any wear and tear issues. We also assess if you have any rotten wood issues where existing leaks are causing more damage. We will explain these to you and show you the best way to move forward. If there is damage that should be covered under your insurance policy, we can help you document and get the process started. We can not, however, talk to the insurance company about your policy or even give you advice

regarding your policy. If you would like more information, please join the American Policyholders Association  as a policyholder. It is free and is a great resource for some of the trickier questions we can not answer.