“We are looking for people that wish to grow as professionals and begin a career in the roofing industry. By joining our team, you will gain valuable skills you can take anywhere. Or, if you would like to branch of and create your own venture, you will have the skills necessary to make your dreams a reality. I love to see people do what they enjoy most, regardless of the industry.”

-Morgan McGough

Positions available

Roof and Property Consultant:

This position is one of the most challenging but rewarding careers we have to offer.

Duties include:
– Inspecting and documenting residential and commercial properties
– Drafting estimates as needed
– Communicating with property owners throughout entire restoration process
– Climbing roofs with proper equipment
– Providing long periods of transportation for employees as needed to/from job sites

Individuals interested in this position should have:
– Strong Work Ethic
– Organizational skills
– Strong communication skills
– Writing skills
– Attention to detail
– Punctuality
– Reliable method of communication
– Reliable method of transportation (one that can preferably transport roofing installation
materials and tools such as a ladder)

Experience required:
None! We accept applicants who do not have experience in the roofing industry. We encourage opportunities to learn.
There is a paid training period of approximately one month that is required for all new individuals. This training period is required even if you have previous experience. We do this to ensure new employees are educated on professional and ethical business practices.

Commission based. You would not be limited in the amount you are able to make. 

Production Manager:

Duties include:
– Coordinating moving parts of the territory assigned. During a typical day, this could be 8 jobs at multiple locations.
– Coordinate delivery of materials and scheduling of work.

Individuals interested should:
– Respect and follow instruction
– Ability to think on your feet
– Organizational skills
– Ability to work in an office setting
– Communicate via telephone and emails in a timely manner

Starts at $35k a year with opportunities for bonuses.


This position involves setting qualified appointments. This is great for someone who needs extra cash, but does not have a lot of time for a regimented low paying job. Someone that applies for this position will be trained to talk to potential customers about scheduling a roofing consultation. If someone becomes good at this position, they can easily be trained to become a roofing consultant.